How to contribute to this blog

Perhaps you want to share your experiences here, or share tips with fellow meditators and friends? You too can write articles on this blog. There are a few different ways to do it:

  1. Ask (email me) to be set up as an author. I will be glad to do it if you’re serious about contributing on an ongoing basis. This way you can simply login and post articles here.
  2. For one-off articles, send them to me and ask me to post them with clear attribution to you as the author. I can link these to your personal website if you have one. Alternately, if you wish for an article to be posted anonymously, that’s fine too. I will honor your request. I’ll try and proof-read your articles to make sure they’re clean and good. I might even suggest minor changes before publication.
  3. You may choose to simply add your comments on one of the posted articles. You don’t need to be set up as an author to do it. In fact, I highly encourage you to be vocal and participate this way.

If nothing, I recommend that you at least follow this blog so you will be notified of any new articles by me and other registered authors.

Happy meditation, and see you in session.

& (anand @foothill)


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