The Most Accurate Clock in the Universe


Here’s the most accurate watch in the universe. The I-Watch. It tells you the exact time whenever you look at it.


It is now. It always is.

After all, the only thing you can be indubitably sure of with 100% certainty is the fact that you, the self-aware subject, exist – in the now. Everything else is but a truth of convenience only.

I Exist… Now…


Once, Yushin was sitting under a tree when a woman with an infant approached him. The baby appeared to be unconscious, and the woman was in tears.

“Venerable sire” petitioned the distraught woman of the sage.

“Please, I beg you. Tell me if my child will survive.”

“Alas,” said the sage. “You ask me to show you the future. But I’m afraid I can’t do that.
If you so desire, I can show you the present when you want to see it.”




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