Be yourself and your Self will be you

Here’s another totally wacky Mindshot I want to share. I captured it this afternoon into my iPhone and imported it into my GoogleDrive later. Hope you find it fun to read.

Mindshot taken on 2018-02-XX at XX:XX

Today, I decided to take a break and become Master Yushin for a bit. I was sitting in the garden, taking in the beauty of the pink young cherry blossoms. The snow capped peak of a glistening Mount Fuji made the perfect backdrop for these early spring flowers.


Suddenly a shuffling noise interrupted this tranquility. Yamaguchi had come into the garden and was standing before me, as if he wanted to ask me something. I let him stand there for a few minutes while losing myself in the scented breeze. He didn’t show any sign of going away, so I looked at him and gestured with my eyes. “What do you want?”

“Master,” he said. “I’ve been talking to a number of people from Tochigi, Akita, even Aomori. They speak of wise men in their monasteries who have realized their Selves. Even here, in Oyama, I meet people who they claim to be self-realized. How can I tell if they really are self-realized? What would a self-realized person do that gives them away?”

There was no way to answer Yamaguchi. So I remained silent.

But after a while, I noticed that he had not gone. He was still there, bowing respectfully, and waiting for an answer. When I looked in his direction he looked up and repeated his question: “Master, how can you tell whether someone is self-realized or not?”

I assumed that he wasn’t going anywhere until I told him something… anything. So I said “Honestly Yamaguchi, I can’t tell you. I know that I am self realized. As for anybody else, I don’t give a fuck.”

Yamaguchi seemed unconvinced. So I gave him more explicit direction: “Be yourself, Yamaguchi. And your Self will be you.”

I was very pleased that I came up with this catchy line, and so I repeated it, mostly to myself “Be yourself. And your Self will be you.”

At that instant, I became me again and thought “Wow, what a cool and catchy line – Be yourself and your Self will be you.” I decided to feel good about myself for a few seconds. So I repeated the line a couple of times, rather indulgently and smugly:

Then I thought “I really really REALLY hope I can come up with a nice backstory and some kind of profound interpretation for this line.”

So I reinserted myself into that other state and went back in time to come up with this story which ended with that line.



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